I work as an engineer; it allows me to buy running gear and cupcakes. Single, Marathoner, Washington D.C.
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road session 15 (x).
road session 15 (x).

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Tom Petty

—Good To Be King

Tom Petty — Good To Be King

Per megorun's suggestion, here is my rendition of a Tom Petty classic.  I messed around with a different setting for the guitar solo and found a better way to record vocals. For the record, I do not enjoy playing lead guitar, but am always willing to step out of my comfort zone!

Adding to the list of things I didn't need to hear today: "it's amazing how fat you're getting now that you're not running anymore!"


While my co-workers do not know about my mental health issues and history with eating disorders, they are all fully aware of how big a part of my life running has become ... so either way this was a mean spirited statement.

I am absolutely devastated over my hip injury and not being able to run, but am sure I will lose the weight once I am able to train again.

Anonymous asked: You can't say your really age? That's weird.

I’m in the 18-34 Boston Marathon qualifying standard age group … I am still puzzled as to why online people care about my age!  image


So the dealership had my car for 48 hours and could not answer what was wrong with my car. They stated they could not diagnose the problem without taking the engine apart, which mandated I approve an hourly shop rate. They also informed me that whatever they found would not be covered by GM because "a hose blew out, causing the engine to overheat ... this is not a mechanical failure"  

I did my best to be polite to the service manager, but kindly told him that I would not authorize a blank work order and that I would be taking my vehicle to a preferred shop since GM decided this work was not going to be covered under warranty.  The preferred shop picked up my vehicle and within two hours called me back with a full diagnosis and an estimate repair cost ... seriously wtf?!?  

The news went from bad to worse quickly.  The shop manager told me that my best option at this point is replacing the engine (4K+).  He assumed that what the dealership was trying to do is the workaround (more expensive) solution of replacing the head gasket, repairing valves, and repairing a cracked engine block ... none of which GM wants to be responsible for because of the blown hose.  The manager also stated that my catalytic converter needs to be replaced and he knows for a fact this is covered under GM warranty, but the dealership did not tell me this because I am within 10K miles of it becoming an out pocket repair ... thanks GM!  

Needless to say I am frustrated ...


Anonymous asked: How old are you?





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September 30th


October 1st


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glasshouseklutz asked: I know you love all the John Mayer. I actually have a JM lyric inked on me. :P So... If you could do the same, what lyric would if be?


I’ve contemplated getting JM lyrics as a tattoo several times, but I do not want typography juxtaposed with Irezumi art work.  If I could find an aesthetically pleasing way to combine the styles, this is a short list of lyrics I would choose from:

  • Good love is on the way
  • Keep me where the light is
  • We’re slow dancing in a burning room
  • The heart of life is good

p.s. My immediate reaction when I read that you have a JM tattoo

Anonymous asked: How tall are you?

I am 5’-8” (173 cm) … I am ever so slightly under the average male height of 5’-9” (175 cm)

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The Funk Lordz put on an amazing show last night.  I had an awesome time, danced my ass off for a few hours, and my hip is paying the price ... absolutely worth it!!!  I am running on a little over four hours of sleep, so today will be challenging.


In work related news, our company president approached me this morning and said he wanted me to stop by his office for a chat.  In his own words: "you are a bright engineer and we would be doing you a disservice by pigeon holing you into a role that doesn't take full advantage of your potential!"

I have been given the opportunity to manage our special hazards projects!  The company is aware of my strong background in industrial design and wants to take advantage of my abilities.  I thanked him for the opportunity and did my best to not jump for joy as I walked back to my office!